Our Story

  • woman and man and dog standing in doorway looking welcoming


It started with a blind date.  Dan knew she was a trained artist, but had never seen her art.  The date went well, there were sparks!  Only one problem…What happens if I don’t like her work Dan wondered…  Sweet relief!  Flyn’s paintings were wonderful and shared Dan’s love of animals and nature.  Fast-forward years later.  “Hey Flyn what about putting one of your paintings on a patch?  I can sew it on a hat and show everyone your work.  From there, a business was born.  Each hat a little painting to share the fun, humor, and beauty of the animals we all love.  Selected by you and sewn by us in our studio in Westbrook, Maine.  Supervised by our shop dog Primmy,  and inspired by a horde of squirrels, chipmunks, and at least one skunk!  Having a hard time selecting the right color and patch?  Reach out to us to schedule a visit to our studio where we can help you design your own piece of wearable art!






At FLYN we transform large format paintings, created by Flyn Costello into wearable art.  This takes the form of hats, shirts, jackets, prints, cards, and stickers.

Shared Environment 

Our work recognizes the continued interactions between us and our animal neighbors.  These interactions are a part of our daily experience.  A squirrel raiding our bird feeder, a raccoon looting the beer cooler, seagulls swooping in for your lunch at the beach, A bear raiding the picnic basket for a Slim Jim.  These interactions often have humorous undertones and are the stories of our shared environment.

Each product is a little piece of art with an essential message. 

And... they are just fun.